When is a lie a lie? When the person knows what they're saying is untrue. Do Minnesotans lie? Sure...but only about very specific things. If you don't like lies, but you want to fit in here in Minnesota, this list will help you more than you can imagine.

For instance, when someone says, "Oh no, dear, bless your heart (or soul...I've heard it both ways here)...they're NOT asking God to bless your soul because you're so special and amazing and totally in the right. No no no.


They're letting God know there's a person here that needs a good whap upside the head with a sock full of pennies. Or butter.

"James, that's no lie...people just misunderstand it."

Oh, bless your heart. 


Sure, they're lies...but they also point to a fundamentally positive attitude about our lives in the greatest state in the nation (that just happens to have air that'll hurt your face).

If this list has been useful, that's awesome. Please drop me a line and let me know. If you think it's missing a lie or two, please, pass those along, too.

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If you're a newbie here, you should know a little bit about the state you're in, so check out these five Minnesota facts...


From purposefully spinning the car around on snow/ice to the Minnesota Nice Department of Health Inspectors and the Hot Dog Stand, you'll probably had no idea these things were true in Minnesota.

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