11 Gross and Nasty Things in the Spring that People in Minnesota Hate

If you own a dog, right now in your yard are piles of squishy turds that have thawed out and you really don't want to scoop them up.  (If you enjoy this, please come to my house...I have a Saint Bernard.  #EnoughSaid). Picking up squishy dog poop is one of the things we truly hate doing in MinnesotaIowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois as spring temps warm up our frozen state.  And just like an infomercial...but wait, there's more!  Yeah, dog poop isn't the only thing we are hating on.  See the rest of the list below.

11 Things That Happen In The Spring That Minnesotans Don’t Like

We love that the weather is getting warmer in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois but there are a few things about spring that don't bring us joy.

Actually, a few of these things even make us gag.

What's one thing that you dislike the most about spring in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin?

If you've got a dislike bigger than squishy dog turds, let me know!  Send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  I'd love to be grossed out even more today.

Snakes...are you a fan or not?

One thing that I didn't put on the list that I probably should have included is "snakes".  I am one of their biggest haters and my eyes are always on the lookout for those nasty creatures.  Yours should be too.  In fact, Minnesota is home to quite a few different types of snakes.  Keep scrolling to see photos so you know what to watch out for.

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