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If you've ever had your nose hairs freeze while you are walking to your car, you understand Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin right now.  Mother Nature has released her wrath and is throwing negative temps our way with the latest polar vortex and everything, including our nose hairs, our frozen.  When temps reach this level, not only is it dangerous but there are 13 things that you should NEVER do.

13 Things Minnesotans Should NOT Do When It is Below Zero

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If you need help figuring out how to stay warm during this polar vortex, we've got a few great ideas.  Grab a blanket, sit by the fireplace, and click here to see what else you can do to keep those fingers and toes toasty warm. 

Stay warm...and if you are thinking of moving to a warmer spot, check out the top places to live on the East Coast.  I've got that list for you to dream about below.

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