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A recent estimate from a member of the Minnesota Department of Health says that about 1/3rd of Minnesotan's who have COVID-19 refuse to help contact tracers. The MDH says this is a problem and they are growing concerned.

The goal of contact tracing COVID-19 is to protect others. MDH infections disease director Kris Ehresmann told Bring Me the News that when people refuse to cooperate with contact tracers it "makes it harder for us to get the word to potential high-risk contacts who may go on to get COVID and pass it along to others."

Kris is the one who said on Monday that about 30-35% of Minnesotan's with COVID "are refusing to provide information about where they've been and [who] they've exposed."

She also reiterated the importance of following the guidelines the MDH has released such as wearing a mask social distancing, staying home when you're sick, etc. Kris also added that cooperating with contact tracers is another guideline Minnesotan's should follow.

The Minnesota Department of Health is not only worried about people not cooperating with contact tracers but they're also worried about the direction that Minnesota is going with COVID cases. Kris said, "Minnesota is in a bad spot due to rapid spread of COVID-19 and it's going to get worse before it gets better". That makes it even more important to give the information you do have to contact tracers if you have COVID.

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