I know, I know... this is going to seem really weird to native Minnesotans, but I've never had walleye before - until last night. This is what happened.

I chose to go to Terza & La Vetta for my birthday dinner for two reasons; I've heard rave reviews about it ever since I moved to Rochester, and I wanted to try something that I hadn't for the first time. I looked at their menu online before arriving (I couldn't wait!) and thought the parmesan walleye sounded amazing!


TSM Rochester / Terza & La Vetta

I'm sure the native Minnesotans are asking, "HOW HAVE YOU NEVER HAD WALLEYE BEFORE!?" - well, it's just not that common in my native Pittsburgh. In fact, I'd never heard of the fish until moving here.

After eating it, I realized that I learned three things about eating walleye:

  • This dish was mouth-watering!
  • The broccolini really added to the taste. It dripped in a tasty butter sauce!
  • Be sure to add lemon to your walleye if you order it/cook it too.

Oh, and we had to try some fried cheeseballs too! YUM!!

TSM Rochester / Terza & La Vetta