If you are a bit sick and tired of the winter weather Mother Nature seems to be throwing at us in the Midwest, you aren't alone.  In fact, I did a little survey to see how many people are ready to escape Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois right now and people were very quick to respond with their favorite escape destinations.  See if your favorite travel spot made the list!

Top 32 Spots that People in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois Want to Visit ASAP

When the temperatures dip below freezing, a lot of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Iowa are thinking one thing, "Where can I escape to right now?". I asked that question in a fun survey and here are the top answers of our dream destinations. Huge bonus to the destinations that are warmer and have a beach!

Where do you want to escape to right now?

Did your favorite travel destination end up on the list?  Let me know where you'd love to fly off to and escape.  Just send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

11 of the Most Devasting Weather Disasters Throughout History in Minnesota

The latest snowstorm with all the ice might have led to a snow day for kids and quite a few accidents, but we've had a bunch of other horrible weather disasters in Minnesota throughout the years.  I'll never forget the horrible Halloween storm when I was a kid.  I lived in Iowa at the time but remember trick-or-treating while it was snowing gently.  Little did we know that in a few hours, everything would be a complete disaster in multiple states, including in Minnesota.

That horrible storm made the list of the top 11 weather disasters in our state but isn't the worst.  Look below to see the rest that caused our state to pause and work together as a community to recover.

11 of the Most Devastating Weather Disasters in Minnesota Throughout The Years

We might be full of lakes and "nice" but Minnesota has had its fair share of horrible and nasty weather. Throughout the years we've had floods, fires, storms that have crushed stadium roofs flat, and tornadoes that have destroyed lives.

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