We knew this show would be magical, but that doesn't even begin to cover it.

When the first round of the Soul2Soul Tour happened twenty years ago, it was HUGE. Forbes explains, "The last time McGraw and Hill toured together, in 2006-07, their Soul2Soul II Tour became the highest-grossing multi-year country tour of all time." It's on pace to be just as big (if not bigger) this go-round.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill announced that they would be playing two nights at Xcel Energy Center. If you're going to the show tonight - there are a few spoilers here! If you saw the show last night, you'll probably remember these amazing moments from the show.

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    Faith Hill & Tim McGraw's banter

    Can we talk about the jokes that happened in the beginning portion of their set!?

    I love that they "broke their stare" at the end of "It's Your Love" and teased each other for it. Faith was quick to call Tim the "loser" first, but Tim fired back that something along the lines of "anytime your wife stares at you too long, it isn't good."

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    Tim's a cappella version of "Purple Rain"

    Who knew that Tim was a Prince fan?

    He might've felt the need to do this since he was in Minnesota after all, but he lead the crowd in a special a capella version of "Purple Rain" that caught everyone by surprise.

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    The production of the entire thing was seriously amazing.

    It was a cross between feeling like you're in space, and yet surrounded by the comforts of home.

    It makes sense. Their love is other worldly.

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    Faith tripped and handled it like a queen

    You might've caught this too.

    Faith tripped on her long black dress at the tail end of "This Kiss" while she leaned slightly off stage to shake hands with fans, but she handled it like the queen that she is and kept performing.