Rochester, Minnesota is surrounded but tons of cool small towns that we love to visit. People in other parts of the state may have never heard of our small towns, but we love them. But Only in Your State took notice of a few of them and named them as some of the coolest small towns in Minnesota "you've probably never heard of."

Of course, we've heard of these 5 southeast Minnesota towns that made the list of 15! But I'm curious to know which small town in our area you think is the coolest. Is it one that Only in Your State names or is it a totally different town? Chat with me on our app and let me know what you think.

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In alphabetical order, here are the 5 southeast Minnesota towns that Only in Your State says are some of the coolest in Minnesota "even if you haven’t heard of them yet."


All of us in southeast Minnesota are probably thinking, 'duh, everyone knows about Chatfield', but they're on the list of cool small Minnesota towns that people may not know about. Only in Your State had nice things to say about our area small town.

Lake City

The small town of Lake City is also on the list. And it's not the only town along the Mississippi that made it.


Rushford, way in southeast Minnesota, is also one of the coolest small towns, according to Only in Your State.

Spring Valley

Lovely Spring Valley is also considered a cool small town. I feel like many fellow southeast Minnesotans are hitting their head against the wall thinking 'I can't believe no one else realized these towns are cool until now!'


And the final small town that made the coolest small towns in Minnesota list, according to Only in Your State, is Wabasha. It's not too surprising that two of the small towns in our area on the list are along the Mississippi River.

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