Every mom spends countless hours trying to find activities to keep their kids entertained. Entertainment costs continue to increase leaving our options limited for ongoing activities that won't break the bank, especially when you have multiple kids. One amusement park day trip alone could cost you a few hundred dollars. Before you lose your mind, check out these local places that won't break the bank.

Rochester Hollywood 12

Enjoy a free family movie every Saturday at 9:00 AM. Movies are recent hit titles like Boss Baby and Wonder (highly recommended). While they don't charge for the movie, they do love non-perishable food items to donate to families in need
Rochester Art Center
Once a month they have a Free Family day filled with a theme and a variety of hands-on activities involving creation and exploration. This is one multiple age groups can appreciate. Check it out today from 12:00-4:00 PM.

Mapleford Studios

For those of you with little ones that need a mid-week break, Mapleford Studios allows you to bring some music to their little ears with Toddler Tuesdays at 10:30 AM. You will enjoy a short craft and music moves. Its free for all and open for kids up to 5! Just drop-in.

The Mall: Barnes & Noble, Scheel's, Play Area

Anytime we go to the mall, it's almost a sequence of stops we have to complete with my toddler. At Barnes and Nobles, my 10-year-old can browse a variety of books and my son can enjoy time with Thomas the train table in back. Scheel's offers a variety of entertainment but most popular, the mini jungle gym area in the kid's section. If they aren't worn out yet, let them run around the enclosed play area for a little bit!

Rochester Public Library

Getting our young ones into reading offers its own benefits but the Rochester Public Library also has entertainment. Their weekly schedule offers things in the evening like the upcoming Family Dance Party or weekly Preschool Storytime every Wednesday from 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM.

Oxbow Park / Zollman Zoo

Sometimes kids just need a little fresh air and a place to explore. With warmer weather on the horizon and only 10 minutes from Rochester, you can explore the animals and Path of Imagination. This is totally free and can offer hours of entertainment and education. Pack a lunch and utilize their picnic area.

Soccer World

Maybe your kids aren't into the sport but they do offer a Preschool Open Gym time every Monday from 9:30-11:30 AM with activities like a bounce house, balls, and parachutes. It's free for parents and 2 and under, and only $3.50 per kids for the rest of your crew.

J.E.T.S. Open Gym
When they just need to burn off some energy without destroying your house, check out J.E.T.S. all ages open gym on Saturdays from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. For 2 hours, they can jump, tumble, and swing to their heart's content while you enjoy a little break. $10 for members and $15 for non-members.


The Chocolate Twist
Jelly Belly, Salt Water Taffy, Unicorn Pops, Rock Candy and Ice Cream, they have everything you need for the sweet life. This new shop downtown is a destination for your sweet tooth PLUS, they teamed up with Minnesota Children's Museum Rochester to put in your favorite board games on a large scale.

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