On Black Friday most folks were shopping or at Festival of Trees. I was there, too. For a while. Then I took a staycation. Actually, it was a JamesCation...just James taking a day/night off by renting a Rochester AirBnB for the night. It's a great way to have a little adventure but not have to drive too far to get home. In this case, from Center Street to 55th Street.

The home is called the Storybook Home by Covered by Faith (see the listing here). And it was perfect for me. It would also be perfect for any holiday visitors you have, piles of room for adults and kids (and the basement has an air-hockey game!).

But here's what I loved the most. I found something hidden so creatively, I had to make a video. You will love this.

Just one of those things you find in a cool old home.

HINT: It's also perfect for a mom/dad getaway. You're not too far away from the kids, you have a full kitchen so you can cook uninterrupted, and do whatever else you want to do uninterrupted. Supreme self-care for the couple. Plus you're close to Miracle Mile, Barlow's HyVee, and all the other good stuff.

The Storybook Home

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