When you think of "The Internet" it probably doesn't take long before you start thinking about the negatives like trolls and fake news. But, every once in a while we're reminded that there are a bunch of good people on the world wide web too! This story is a perfect example of the kindness that still exists in our world.

Oscar Thompson, an 8-year-old boy from Plymouth, Minnesota, worked hard doing chores around the house and saved his allowance. He saved and saved until he had earned $100. The boy turned in all of his singles and coins for a crisp $100 bill. He was proud of his earnings and carried that bill with him everywhere. And then he lost it.

His mom said the boy most likely lost it at the Target in Plymouth. She posted a quick note to the Plymouth Moms Facebook group acknowledging that it was a long shot but asking if anyone had seen a $100 bill floating around the Target parking lot.

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No one had, but the moms in the group decided to act and rebuild the boy's savings by donating online to him. According to KARE 11, 32 moms donated a total of $168. Oscar was so thrilled by the generous act that he decided to pay it forward. The 8-year-old gifted the money to Interfaith Outreach which is a non-profit that helps struggling families and individuals in the Twin Cities area.

We love hearing about good news in our area and we love sharing those positive vibes with our audience. Let us know if there is someone or something amazing in your life that deserves to be spotlighted by chatting with us on our app.

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