Serving a variety of burgers with a side of chips, Tendermaid Hamburgers in Austin has earned #2 status on the Only in Your State list of "eleven extremely tiny restaurants in Minnesota that are actually amazing". Whew, that's a mouthful and apparently so are their burgers!  I've never been to Tendermaid so I had do to a little digging.


  I found their menu on Facebook listing many burgers including the original, bacon ranch, pizza and tender island burger.  You can also opt for a build your own with a huge selection of toppings like pepper jack cheese, tabasco, chili and onions.  Pair it with a bag of chips and cherry shake and you're all set!  I haven't been to Austin in a long time, but I'm thinking this summer a trip is in store to try a juicy Tendermaid burger!  Have you eaten there?  I would love to know your opinion.  Read the entire article at Only in Your State.  Photos Tendermaid Facebook.



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