There's no place like home.  Truer words were never spoken.  One of my homes, B&B Bowl in Preston is getting closer and closer to reopening.  The B&B has been a cornerstone business in Preston for many years and meeting place for locals and visitors alike.  The building was destroyed by fire January 1, 2016.  Now, almost a year later, owners Shelly and Paul Hanson are counting the days until they can hang the "open" sign in the window of the new building.  Although no specific date has been set, it will be here before you can say "stacked hash browns and coffee"!  A long-time

Credit Shelly Hanson

employee of the B&B, I toured the new building Saturday with Shelly and Paul's little grandson, Beau, being my tour guide.  He did a great job showing me the new kitchen, bathrooms, bowling shoes and Grandma's office.  He told me about the freezers where we will "keep French fries", the store room where "Grandpa will keep his tools", and the beer cooler which will hold "ketchup and beef sticks".  Out of the mouths of babes!  I won't publish any pictures because Shelly and Paul, along with their daughters Lindsi and Shawna (little Beau's mama), want to keep the finished product a secret and I respect that decision.  It's going to be pretty amazing!  So hang in there, folks.  It won't be much longer until you will smell coffee brewing, hear the dice cups shaking and bowling pins falling.  Indeed, there's no place like home.