The other night, I freaked out a bit because as I was sending my daughter a text message, a ghost flew across my screen.  👻

I know.  It sounds fake but I promise, it actually happened. But NO ONE believed me when I said, "A ghost just flew across my screen!".

I tried to recreate the whole experience at that moment but of course, just like when your car is acting up, you can never recreate the issue when you need to.  But I was ready to grab a screenshot as soon as it happened again so everyone would see that I wasn't losing my mind when I said, "A ghost just went across my screen!".

I caught the ghost!  I was getting ready to send another text message and as I was adding an emoji, there it was, flying across my screen.

I've Google searched, looked all over the internet, chatted on forums to see if anyone else has experienced this and so far, no one else is telling me that they are seeing ghosts on their phone.  My family is convinced that my phone has a virus.  I'm convinced that it is NOT a virus but is some sort of fun Halloween prank that Google is doing.

Do you have a ghost on your phone too?  Please tell me yes!  It's easy to find out.  Just go to your "Messages", start typing a message to someone.  Next, go to the emoji icon to add a fun emoji to your text.  You can see from the photo below where the ghost showed up for me on my Pixel 3a phone.  Let me know if you find one by sending me a note on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Ghosts are showing up on Google Phones

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