There are a lot of phony facebook pages out there that say "Like and share this post for your chance to win..." and MOST of them are hoaxes. The latest scam I've seen is about how you could win a luxury RV for liking and sharing. It's all over my news feed. People liking and sharing the same page. Sometimes it says, "Win this luxury RV" and other times it's a motor home.

It's not going to happen. You're not going to win it because they're certainly not giving it away.

It's called a "like farming scam" and people fall for it all the time.

How it works is according to

"After the like count on the scam Pages has significantly increased, the scammers can then use the Pages to launch follow on scams such as survey scams, this time to a considerably larger pool of potential victims. Alternatively, they may sell the – now like-heavy – Pages to other scammers who will, in turn, repurpose them for their own spam or scam campaigns."

So be careful what you click on Facebook. If it says "like and share" and seems a little shady, that's because it is. Unless it comes from us. We wouldn't do that to you. :)

And for the record, Facebook is NOT going to start charging you. It's NEVER going to happen, so stop sharing that status.