Me too, buddy, me too. In this viral photo of the Bulldog named Big Poppa, he's displaying his sadness for everyone to see. But why is he so sad? Well, its because he can't play with his neighbor friends of course!

Big Poppa is just like most of us, sad that we can't go out to play and socialize with all of our friends. Rashida Ellis captured this perfectly timed photo of the sad pooch for the world to see. Since it was posted yesterday on twitter (April 22nd), it has been retweeted more than 75K times!

Don't worry, Big Poppa, it will all be over soon and we will be able to go out and socialize again! Until then, we still need to social distance ourselves and continue to fight the battle against COVID-19. For those interested, Big Poppa has is own Instagram so you can follow him to give virtual pets and to tell him how much of a good boy he is!

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