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Everything turned out OK in this story, so that means we get to tease the mom about bringing her kid INTO AN ALLIGATOR ENCLOSURE to retrieve her wallet.

This last Saturday was sunny...a perfect day to catch the reptiles up to Brainerd at the Safari North Wildlife Park. Plenty of people saw the wallet fly into the gator pit. And those same people saw the mom's kid go into the reptile pit to get the wallet back.

If you know kids, that's not the brightest thing to do, but...kid. Mom joined kid in the pit and tho some say she went in there to help her son out, the video kinda looks like she went down there because the kid failed at his quest.

CREDIT: Video in story.

So, kid running around the watering hole, mom throwing stuff into the water to distract the gators so she could grab the wallet out of the water. And it worked! (ps - don't go looking for the part where the gator is sizing up mom's butt...that's photoshop).

According to WFTL in Florida, the zoo does NOT think it is funny or good or anything like that.

We’re told the zoo wants to press charges against the woman for child endangerment, if she’s identified. One particular thing ruffling the zoo’s feathers — we’re told the park has fences and signs not only to protect guests, but also the animals.

BUT, let's not think it is only this mom practicing bad parenting. Compared to the Top Five Worst Parents In the World, she kinda rocks it.

Eagles - Parent Eagle, just like Parent Human, has to deal with all kinds of fighting among the kids. Only, parent eagle doesn't get involved...it's creating a pecking order, literally, and it often happens the weakest ends up dead. (Source


Rabbits - Just after giving birth to her brood, mama rabbbit wants to take a bath, a shower, maybe a mani-pedi...anything but hang out with the new bunnies. Tho, Parent Rabbit will come back and feed the kids off and on. Just more off than on. (Source

YouTube / Toronto Zoo

Pandas - Ever seen a panda taking care of their lone baby? Super cute and affectionate. But they're still get a fail on parenting because...they typically have two babies and they just dote on one. Trust me, as the baby of the family, I have NO idea what this is like, but my brother (the middle brother) may be able to relate. (Source


Hamsters - Baby eaters. Specifically, THEIR babies. It might be because the mom is malnourished after birth. You would be too, with up to 20 pups comin' out your body. (Source

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