A bride-to-be was shocked when she found out her fiancé used his ex's engagement ring to propose to her.

"I had known that Tom was previously engaged before. The reason for their breakup was always unclear to me. Tom would get defensive talking about it or said to not bring it up again. I took this as him not wanting to talk about his past relationships, something I could relate to having a bad past myself," she wrote via Reddit.

The woman was devastated when her friend, Anna, showed her a three-year-old Facebook photo of his ex, Jessica, wearing the same ring he proposed to her with.

At first she didn't want to believe it was the same ring, but her friend let her know "it was a unique design and there's no way it could be a coincidence."

"As my friend pointed out, you can tell that it's the same ring he used to propose to Jessica because it's a unique design. It's a square diamond tilted to the side with smaller ones surrounding it in a pattern, same layout and colors, etc.," she continued.

The woman noted she confronted her fiancé about the ring but he "denied it," accusing her of being "paranoid."

"Then he started to question me... How did I come across this? Why am I going through his ex's social media? Basically making me look like the bad guy. After arguing back and forth he finally confesses to re-using the ring and saying there's no reason for me to be angry and confront him like that. How he doesn't see any issue in proposing to me with that ring," she revealed.

Her fiancé told her she should "be grateful" he proposed to her at all and "stop being such a 'spoiled princess.'"

"Now I don't know how to feel. I do think that I have the right to be angry and that he shouldn't have re-used the ring. A ring which was a promise made to another woman. But on the other hand I don't know if I completely overreacted and was an a--hole to how I handled the confrontation," she wrote.

Users rallied behind the bride-to-be in the comments, with some suggesting she leave her new fiancé.

"You are not out of line for wanting to wear a ring that your fiancé picked out for you. Ring issue aside. Your fiancé called you spoiled and essentially said you were ungrateful when you asked him for honesty. Please think about that and give strong consideration to whether or not you want to spend your life with this man," one person wrote.

"Please, do not be desperate enough to marry a man when you a) don't know his history, b) seem scared to talk to him about basic things, c) obviously have a reason to be scared to talk to him based on how he behaves, d) have a man who lies straight to your face and seems to think you're lucky to be marrying him. If you do not walk away from this relationship, I can almost guarantee you'll regret it for the rest of your life," another commented.

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