Snow is not the only thing that's going to be falling in the area this weekend.

via Busch's Facebook
via Busch's Facebook

According to Busch's Facebook page, the popular beer of choice for Midwesterners is taking a $1 off your Busch for the total accumulation of snow in the area! This is the perfect excuse to run to your local store to pick up some Busch "Lattes" and crack some open with the boys or girls (legal drinking age of course)!

Busch will be honoring this until March 21st and on their website will continue to update the total snow accumulation till then. The states included are Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota (sorry SoDak peeps) and Wisconsin. Up to $30 will be covered via a rebate from the company, sales tax excluded.

For the full list of terms and conditions, you can click here!


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