Having a no-hitter in the ninth inning, and then.....

With one swing of the bat, it goes away. It seems like we hear about no-hitters in baseball a bit more now days. I mean it makes sense now because pitchers in the MLB are throwing faster and can pitch longer than before.

Last night though, Giants Pitcher Matt Moore had his chance at history, and it was about as close as you can come. But this no-hitter would have been special. The LA Dodgers had not allowed a no-hitter since 1915 according to an article on ESPN.com. That's more than 100 years.

The no-hitter was broken up in the ninth inning, with two outs. You really can't be much closer than that. That alone deserves praise.

The Giants organization has had 18 no-hitters, and this would have been number 19.

But check out the article on ESPN. It is still neat to hear when pitchers get close to that elusive no hitter.