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That headline sounds like click bait, but it's not. You can now check a tutor out of the Rochester Public Library, in downtown Rochester, Minnesota.

Today on KROC NEWS< Audrey Betcher, Director of the Rochester Public Library Director said students that need tutoring help with school work can just head to the library's website for live tutoring.

…from 2:00 PM to 11 o' can get an online tutor, a real person to help students with their homework. So what happens is you can go on our website and pick the online tutoring. You say, what grade you're in, what subjects you do, what you need help with, if it's in English or Spanish, and then you connect and you actually get a person and you can say, here's my problem. And they will help you work through it.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Betcher says it's a service that's been around for a while, but seeing the needs in the community, they connected with them and purchased the service for the community. If you'd like to check out the tutoring service, just click here

You'll need a library card to access the tutors, however, you can sign up online for that, too. Just click here to get a library card.

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