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Brooklyn Park, MN (KROC-AM News) - The vehicle involved in a chase that came to a fiery end on a busy Twin Cities freeway this morning was stolen and used in a couple of drive-by shootings.

The Brooklyn Park Police Department says the chase began shortly before 6 AM after an offer responded to reports of gunfire in a residential area and encountered a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle seen speeding away from the shooting incident while responding to a separate report of a suspicious vehicle.

In the first incident, bullets were fired into an occupied house, and investigators later discovered shots were also fired in the second incident, which resulted in damage to a vehicle. No one was hurt in either shooting. A news release says investigators also later learned the vehicle used by the shooter had been stolen from another Brooklyn Park residence, where it had been left unattended with the keys inside.

The pursuit of the suspect vehicle ended along a stretch of Highway 100 that was filled with morning commuters when officers used a pursuit intervention technique. Brooklyn Park Police stated the action disabled and halted the vehicle, which then burst into flames. The 19-year-old driver was taken into custody and is expected to face multiple felony charges.

What Are People Doing When They Just Sit In Their Car for A Long Time?

On Facebook I asked, "Just curious - people who sit in their car in a parking lot for long periods of time, what are you doing?" And wow, did I get the answers. Most of them were waiting for other people,. but plenty were interesting or thought I was a snoopy snoop.

Alex Ortberg says this Rochester. is in a class all its own when it comes to sitting in our cars for a long time...

"Seriously though... I have never witnessed this phenomenon more than I have in Rochester! Nothing against the people who do it, I just find it strange that this city has so many people that do that. I wonder what they're doing?"

Scroll slowly and you'll find out just what they're doing...

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