Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – Will Rochester adopt a tougher policy involving its downtown skyways?

There have been concerns over the use of some of the public skyways as shelters and police have been receiving increased complaints about aggressive behavior.

The City Attorney’s office looked into the situation and has developed three “possible legal tools” that police officers could use to deal with situations in the skyways.

1. An ordinance closing the skyways between certain times (overnight). This can be done via signage and/or physically closing the skyway.
2. An ordinance restricting sitting/sleeping in the skyway system.
3. An ordinance restricting panhandling in the skyway or downtown area.

The attorney’s office says the proposed ordinances would include “an educational component where RPD would provide information to individuals in violation before taking enforcement action. “

The City Council will be briefed on the situation Monday during its afternoon study session.

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