Going up to the Twin Cities for a day trip or even a weekend getaway is a pretty popular thing to do for us Rochester, MN and southeast Minnesota residents. But another city that's relatively close by, at least within driving distance, made it on a list of the 17 best US cities for a weekend trip.

You may have visited recently, I feel like I hear about a lot of Rochester residents traveling here for a long weekend. It's Chicago! The last time I was in Chicago I think I was 8. I was obsessed with American Girl Dolls at the time and so we went for my birthday to see the American Girl Doll store. It was the best thing ever! But I definitely want to go back.

From what I know about Chicago, though, it seems fitting for them to make the list of the best spots for a weekend getaway. They're actually the only city in the midwest to make this list that was put together by Thrillist.

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Some of the other cities that made the list that I 100% agree are great places for a weekend vacation are Las Vegas, Nashville, Denver, and Bozeman, MT. I've been to all of those except Bozeman but from what I've seen Bozeman seems like an awesome spot for a weekend trip. It seems like Bozeman has really picked up in popularity recently. Some of the other spots though, like New Orleans and Washington DC, I think I'd want to spend longer than a weekend exploring.

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