No shirt, no shoes, service.

That could very well be the motto of White Tail Chapel in Ivor, Virginia where congregants can worship in the nude.

"When he [Jesus] was born he was naked, when he was crucified he was naked and when he arose he left his clothes in the tomb and he was naked," says pastor Allen Parker. "If God made us that way, how can that be wrong."

Parker added, "There's not a feeling that you have to be better than one another, physically. We're humans, we have scars, we have what we have. It's learning to love and accept that."

The naked service takes place every Sunday. Katie and Robert Church -- yes, that's their last name -- met at the church, got married there and can often be seen without clothing on the premises. Says Katie, "Once we were married, and we were here, this whole place became our family."

Husband Robert says not wearing clothing frees them, noting, "People are more open as far as hearing the word of God, and speaking the word of God."

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