Everyone gets that one cold during the Winter season that puts them down and makes them beg for mercy, but could it be your own fault?

I looked through my closet rounding up hats, scarves, mittens, and other Winter accessories and made sure I had them all in a box for this season, so if we need them they are easy to find.

Could the very things we use to stay warm also have a hand in making us... sick?

According to a  Ladders health story, all those winter accessories are full of germs that just may be keeping or making us sick. A story reported by NBC 12, some researchers at the University of West Virginia said that viruses could live outside the body for weeks. Which makes your scarf or gloves be full of cold viruses. They went on to say how much just your scarf covers, like mouth, eyes, nose, all things that could carry the virus and how we are the ones that are giving it to ourselves.

Do you wash any of your Winter gear? You may want to now?!!



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