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Minnesota couple AJ and Stacey were planning their wedding and honeymoon for two years. Of course, they had planned for all of this to happen in 2020. Their wedding guest list was about 200 and they had planned on going to Europe for their honeymoon. Sadly, none of that could happen. So they changed plans and made the most of it!

AJ and Stacey spoke with KARE 11 about this whole ordeal. Stacey told them that there were only two options: either postpone the wedding and honeymoon or adapt to the situation. So they decided to adapt!

Stacey said that instead of their 200 person guest list they "'ended up having a 10-guest wedding, plus a photographer, on top of the C-ramp overlooking Target Field.'" Both AJ and Stacey are big Twins fans so they thought it was perfect for them.

Then comes the honeymoon. You can't top honeymoon plans to Europe, but they still made the most of it. (Hopefully they can still take that trip to Europe sometime soon!) Instead, they decided to take an epic road trip around Minnesota for their honeymoon.

So they rented a car, packed up everything they needed including their newly adopted dog Kirby, and set off! Their road trip took them along the border of Minnesota. KARE 11 writes that it was about a 2,000-mile drive and they spent their nights in "Grand Portage, Ely, Roseau, Noyes, Brown Valley, Hills, Lanesboro, Red Wing" and then back home to Minnetonka.

AJ and Stacey said even though it wasn't the European trip they had planned they felt like the honeymoon was perfect. They were able to spend a lot of quality time together, quality time with their new dog, and got to explore places in Minnesota that they probably would have never gone to otherwise.

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