Craving a good pot pie? Searches for "turkey pot pie" were up by 120% in the state of Minnesota this year. was the website that conducted this survey, sharing that people might be over the long-time trend of serving a traditional bird:

A Thanksgiving with no turkey? This may seem drastic to some – it is an iconic main, after all – however, a recent study found that roast turkey isn’t the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in 2022. Instead, people across America are searching for more meat-free recipes to impress.

When I first heard that "turkey pot pie" was Minnesota's most searched-for Thanksgiving recipe I was taken aback. Then as I thought about it more, it makes sense. It is everything that is great about a Thanksgiving dinner, in one dish. The vegetables, the turkey, the flaky pie crust, the gravy. It's all there. It's basically what I make on my own individual plate every year but as a formal dish.

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Turkey pot pie wasn't the most popular dish to be sought out online this year though, that honor goes to baked brie. Not even remotely related to turkey, baked brie recipes saw a 3,883% increase in searches this year. So if you show up to your party with one in hand thinking you're unique and original, you might be in for a rude awakening (and a lot of cheese).

One TV chef that has never steered me wrong when it comes to recipes is Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. She has a recipe for a killer Turkey Pot Pie made with Thanksgiving leftovers. Check it out for yourself here. 

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