After last week's spike in online shopping, UPS put out a warning that they might be a little behind schedule this holiday season, according to CNN Money.

UPS does have a plan in place to get the deliveries back on track, and the company anticipates that most packages that were delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas to be delivered on time.

Here is a quick breakdown courtesy's of Neil Cavuto's Twitter:

Yes, $6.59 billion was spent on Cyber Monday this year, which explains why the deliveries might be a little bit behind schedule. UPS is anticipating that it will deliver 750 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is up 5% compared to last year.

UPS has hired an additional 95,000 seasonal workers to help combat that busy season, which is the same number they hired the past two years. As you can see, with the same amount of help from the past two years, along with a 5% raise in packages that need to be delivered, you can see why there might be a delay.

So, if you are on the edge if you want to take care of your holiday shopping now, you might want to jump on it!

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