Bike lanes, K-Mart parking lots, and council raises are the thing of real world mayors, but over in Colorado, they just swore in a new mayor who said, "Bark, woof!" to the real world stuff. Parker just wants snurfles and hugs.

For real, Parker the Snow Dog is now the honorary mayor of Georgetown, Colorado, According to NDTV, he'll be quite busy...

Besides being mayor, Parker is also the mascot for Loveland Ski Area, Camp Therapy Dog for the Rocky Mountain Village Easter Seals Camp and is featured on most Denver Broncos nationally televised games.

I got in touch with Parker and he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

James: Mr Mayor, congratulations on your win, I offer you a round of apaws.

Mayor Parker: Heh heh...that's a good one, James.

J: Have things changed much since you took over

MP: Oh my yes. I've lifted many restrictions...for instance, if your dog has her puppies on the sidewalk or in the street, it is no longer considered littering.

J: I hear you have a dog-friend that's in great shape.

MP: Oh yes, Scooter is great...very athletic. In fact, the other day his person threw a stick that went two miles, and ol' Scoots still brought it back.

J: That sounds pretty far-fetched to me.

MP: Are we done here? I have a dentist appointment...I think one of my canines is loose.

J: Thank you so much for your time...

MP: Hey...what do I look like, a WATCH DOG! Bahahahaaaroof!

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