And for some of the best doughnuts around too

Krispy Kreme doughnuts in my eyes are some of the best around. They are simple, no fancy stuff on them. Just the glaze and the dough. If you could get free ones, how would that sit in your stomach.

Well, today you are in luck. Today is talk like a pirate day, and krispy kreme is taking full advantage of the day. On Krispy Kremes website, right on the front page is the deal of the day.

Come in and talk like a pirate, get a free glazed doughnut. Dress like a pirate, get a dozen free doughnuts.

Now the deal is only for today, September 19th. So hop in the car and get some. And yes I have already looked to see where the closest location is, because they are that good.

So dust off those eye patches and hats, and head on over to Krispy Kreme. Check out all the details and find locations all on Krispy Kremes website by clicking here.