There is no need to call in Bruce Willis for this one.

In case you didn't get that reference, there is an asteroid orbiting the sun. It is circling the earth, so it would look like we have another moon. And it is going to be orbiting us for centuries to come.

The asteroid is named 2016 HO3, as explained by the website This really is no hoax, it's straight from NASA's website. They call the new asteroid a quasi-satellite of Earth, because it loops around out planet, but never gets to far away. This also was not the first time this has happened. The asteroid 2003 YN107 had a very similar pattern around Earth. That one has long since left our orbit.

According to, the asteroid was first seen on April 27th, 2016 from a telescope in Hawaii. They don't have an exact size on it, bu they believe it is bigger then 120 feet but no bigger then 300 feet.

Have a look at the website, it is pretty cool. Something that will be around for a long time to come. Get out those telescopes and see if you can spot it.