Any time someone makes a half-court shot it's impressive. But when a 3rd-grader does it... MIND-BLOWING! And that's what a 3rd-grader in Apple Valley, Minnesota, did at a recent Eastview High School basketball game.

Johnny Kachman is the name of the 3rd-grader. He was at an Eastview High School boys basketball game and had submitted his name for a halftime contest. His name was randomly selected and he was in the running to win a gift card. Sweet! "All" he had to do, according to Bring Me the News, was make a lay-up, a free throw, and a half-court shot.

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To anyone that's a daunting task. The lay-up and free throw shot, ok that's not too bad. But a half-court shot? No way. But Johnny proved us all wrong! He made an epic one-handed half-court shot and the crowd went wild. Check it out!

I just love all of his friends running onto the court after he made the shot. That must have been such an awesome and surreal moment for him!

Johnny is a basketball player so that makes total sense that he has some skills. While he's a 3rd-grader he actually plays on the 4th-grade team, so that tells you how good he is. He may be someone to watch in high school and college if he continues to progress the way it seems he's progressing already!

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