A boss's unusual work policy has ruffled a few feathers online.

An employee took to Reddit explaining that their boss demands they pay a monthly fee to drink water from the work water cooler.

The boss wants employees to pay $5 a month to be a part of the "water club" to enjoy the fresh beverage.

"Hello water drinker," the sign read via Reddit. "If you would like to enjoy this delicious POLAND SPRING WATER please see Sandra or Michelle to get signed up to the very cool WATER CLUB."

"This water ain’t free yo," the sign continued, with the boss adding: "Members are currently enjoying unlimited refills for $5 per month."


Users were shocked at the sign. “For $60 a year that water would better cure cancer," one user wrote, while another commented: "I would just simply get water from it anyways, lol. What are they gonna do? Fire you for drinking water?"

Others explained that their workplace had similar policies.

"I worked at a place with a water club. The company had the water delivered, but still a set of employees set up a $5/mo. water club that gave you access to coolers like this (not Poland Springs, so this isn't the same place). This was a place you needed a pass to get on site, so the company knew and approved of this practice," a person wrote, while another said: "At the school I used to work at we had a water club because the tap water sucked."

Other users gave suggestions to the employee on how to get around having to pay the monthly fee.

"For $5 a month you can buy bottled water for the month. Or bring a giant water jug from home every day," one person wrote, while another scoffed: "Put a brita in the work fridge lol."

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