It is Minnesota, after all. According to the National Weather Service, Minnesota is set to possibly see a "phenomenal event" next Friday.

Now, being that it's warm, this could mean one of two things. We could either see rain or we could see snow. It all depends on the temperature. The forecast calls for a possible 1-2 inches of rain. What that translates to in snow is...a LOT. Every inch of rain means 10 inches of snow. So, if my math is correct (it's not too tough) I figure we could see either 1-2 inches of rain or 10-20 inches of snow.

I'm hoping for just rain but again, this is Minnesota. We've had snowstorms in May. This picture is from May 2nd 2013. So, it's not impossible, obviously. The good news is, we're almost through with Winter. Summer will be here before you know it. (That's what I keep telling myself as I lie in a puddle of my own tears, wishing for Summer)

may 2nd 2013 snowstorm

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