Fort Myers, FL (KROC-AM News) - Court documents filed by prosecutors in southern Florida have revealed some more details concerning the charges filed against the 56-year-old Blooming Prairie woman who was the subject of a nationwide manhunt earlier this month.

The documents on file at the Lee County Courthouse describe how police found the body of 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson inside her rented condominium in Fort Myers Beach. They indicate police found the victim shot to death inside a bathroom that had been sealed with bath towels in an apparent attempt to delay the discovery of the deceased. In what investigators believe was also part of Riess’ attempt at a coverup, the court documents describe how a woman, identifying herself as Hutchinson, called the operators of the condominium complex and arranged payment to extend her stay.

The court filings include a medical examiner’s finding that Hutchinson had been shot twice and one of the bullets struck her heart. A pillow with a bullet hole through it and gunpowder residue on it was found under the victim’s body, suggesting it might have been used to deaden the sound of the gunfire.

The documentation also describes the various financial transactions allegedly made by Riess using Hutchinson’s credit cards and property and lists the many times Riess was recorded coming to and leaving Hutchinson’s rented condo. In one instance, shortly after police believe the murder occurred, Riess was described as looking distraught, upset and possibly crying.

Riess was booked into the Lee County Jail Saturday evening after she was transported to Florida from Texas, where she was captured on South Padre Island on April 19th. She is scheduled to make her next court appearance on Thursday.

She is also wanted for the shooting death of her husband at their home near Blooming Prairie in late March, but Dodge County officials have said her prosecution in Minnesota will wait until after Florida has completed its proceedings.

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