The bill proposing to fine people who pass their pets off as service animals easily passed the Minnesota Senate on Thursday after the House passed it last month.

In order for the law to officially take effect, it needs to pass the House again and then it will land on Governor Dayton's desk.

Assuming it passes, anyone trying to pass an untrained animal as a service animal will be fined $100 and it will be considered a petty misdemeanor. So it'll be like if you get a speeding ticket.

In my opinion, fake service animals can cause many problems, so I hope this law gets passed. They can distract real service animals from their jobs. There is also the possibility of the fake service animal getting spooked by something, which could put others in danger, as well as the animal in danger.

According to WCCO, "the measure would not apply in airports because they have different policies about service animals."

I personally wish it would apply to airports. I think an airport is an important place for this law to take effect. I've heard too many stories from airline employees about fake service animals causing problems on flights and in the airport itself.

Long story short, I want the best for people, but also the best for pets! From one animal lover to another, please keep your pets safe and don't take them somewhere they may not be comfortable.

Let me know what you think about this bill! Do you agree or disagree with me and why?


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