The loss of a coworker is difficult. It may not be a family member or close friend, but it is someone you see on a daily basis, and their loss can be a difficult time for the entire company. One Faribault business handled the loss of a member of their team in an admirable way.

Monday, while stopping to pick up a couple of items from the local Fareway grocery store in Faribault, I noticed several signs on the doors announcing that they would be closed part of Tuesday. While the store is always closed Sundays and holidays, I have never witnessed them close shop during the day. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the store would be closed specifically from 9:30-11:30AM so that store employees could attend the funeral services of a fellow employee. It is never easy to lose someone, but I was struck by how thoughtful it was of Fareway to put their employees first and make sure that everyone was given the opportunity to attend the services and grieve together. In a time where it seems so common to put profit before people, it was nice to see a business place compassion at the forefront.

My condolences to the staff at Fareway on the loss of a coworker, and my compliments for handling it with grace.


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