Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase has announced that extra enforcement will be on Fillmore County roads July 8 through 22 for speed enforcement as part of the Toward Zero Deaths traffic safety program.  In 2015, seventy-eight people were killed in Minnesota crashes in which speed played a role.
Sheriff Kaase goes on to state that speed is a leading factor in accidents and contributes to one out of every five fatalities on Minnesota roads.  Additionally, more than twice as many speed-related fatal crashes occur on rural roads than urban roads.  Simply, speed kills.
In Fillmore County, an average speeding citation for 10 mph over the posted limit is $130.00.  Twenty mph over the limit is double the fine, and drivers ticketed going more than 100 mph can lose their license for six months.  Is it really worth it?
The Toward Zero Deaths program is coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety, with a focus on four strategic areas to reduce crashes - education, enforcement, engineering and emergency medical and trauma response.
Further information about the TZD program, contact the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office at 507-765-3874.