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If you order THIS food while you're on a date in Minnesota, it could make it much tougher to get a second date!

There is no shortage of foods out there that can be off-putting, especially if you're on a first date and you're trying to be on your best behavior and put your best foot forward here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Ordering foods that are heavy on garlic isn't a good idea. Nor is taking your date to a restaurant that's known for having a more exotic menu (unless you know ahead of time they like that kind of food.)

But if you order THIS food, over half of Minnesotans say it's a deal-breaker and will pretty much kill your chances of going out with them again. What is it? It's ordering a steak... well-done!

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That's right, if you order a big 'ol t-bone steak but request that it's cooked well-done, well, goodnight, take the 'l' out of loverboy, it's over, boy. At least, that's the word from this new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of JBS USA.

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It says that out of 2,000 people surveyed, 53 percent of them claim they wouldn’t date someone who liked their steak prepared in a different way than they did-- especially if that steak is prepared well done.

Now, the survey also noted that here in Minnesota (and across the Midwest), 3 out of 4 respondents are so particular about how their steak is prepared, that they'd rather grill it themselves.

Not me, though. I've been to those grill-your-own-steak restaurants, but when I'm there, I always find myself worried that I'm going to overcook my steak and ruin it-- I'd rather have the pros at the restaurant cook it for me, am I right?

There is some good news, though. The survey also claimed that 62 percent of us here in the North Star State are willing to pretty much eat whatever is put in front of us while on a date, even if we wouldn't necessarily order it ourselves while out at a restaurant.

Speaking of eating out in Minnesota, keep scrolling to check out some uniquely-Minnesotan foods that you can really only get HERE in the Gopher State!

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