Where's the beef? Not here. At least, not for the foreseeable future.

Credit: Google Maps Street View
Credit: Google Maps Street View

This is still so weird to me, because it feels just like yesterday when I was there introducing their new line a green teas and registering listeners for concert tickets for a promotion last year.

But according to Jeff Kiger at the Rochester Post Bulletin, the former Wendy's restaurant along North Broadway is set to be demolished.

The property at 1405 N. Broadway has a date with a wrecking ball sooner than later, but plans for the future of the site is still unknown.

Could another fast food franchise, such as Hardee's, make a triumphant return to the Med City? I, for one, would be ecstatic.

However, with the property so close to the Zumbro river, I would love it if a local business would buy up and develop a new restaurant on or around that site instead.

Maybe a Wildwood North? (I'm looking at you Jim Nicholas. Please make this happen!)

What would you like to see go there? Sound off in our comments below!

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