Here is your chance to become one.

Not really on the show, but it is close enough. In St. Paul, there is a restaurant called Forepaugh's that has quite a story behind it.

It was an old mansion, converted to a restaurant. And with any old mansion, there is always a story behind it.

The old owner, Joseph Forepaugh killed himself in the mansion. After his death, his mistress hung herself from a chandelier in the house. The ghosts of the two have been known to haunt the house.

Guests say they hear noises, lights being turned on, what you would expect from a haunted house.

So the next time you are in St. Paul and want to eat at a haunted restaurant, head on over to Forepaugh's and see if you have what it takes.

Or if you don't, head on over to so you can see the entire story.