There's no better time than Throwback Thursday to pull out a throwback video of an iconic place to shop in Rochester, MN: the Apache Mall! Malls aren't nearly as popular as they used to be but back in 1993 when this video was filmed they were the place to be.

I remember going to the mall with my friends all the time and just killing time there. We didn't even have to buy anything and we always had a great time. I miss malls being the place to hang out but I suppose things come and go.

If you lived in Rochester in the early 90s you'll likely recognize some things in this video of the Apache Mall. Like in the opening shot of the video, shared by Growing Up 80's & 90's, there's a sign for Dayton's.

Growing Up 80's and 90's via YouTube
Growing Up 80's and 90's via YouTube

While I wasn't around Rochester in the 90s I did frequent malls in the 90s/early 2000s. Since I lived in the Twin Cities the Mall of America and the Burnsville Center were THE places to go hang out. Obviously, the Mall of America is still kicking, but the Burnsville Center has really died off. I think I went there a year or 2 ago and it was so quiet and it felt like half the storefronts weren't occupied.

Let's relive the glory days of hanging out at the mall with this throwback video of the Apache Mall from nearly 30 years ago!

It's so nostalgic! And speaking of nostalgia, keep scrolling for a list of stores that don't exist anymore but we miss shopping at.

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