I have a very important question for you: What’s your go-to food when drinking beer? Something greasy, right? As a man who considers Drinking Beer While Eating Food a sport, I can tell you that you have a lot of tasty options; especially when walking downtown Rochester on Broadway. But there’s one place I recently checked out that offers one thing I had never had before. And again, I’m very experienced in Drinking Beer While Eating Food. I redshirted as a freshman!

Since Grand Rounds Brewing is a great place to grab a tasty, local beer after work, that’s exactly what I did last Friday. I started with the Hans Grubier, which I totally ordered based on the name alone. Yippee ki-yay.

Credit: TSM Rochester

It’s okay, but was a little too fruity for me at the moment. I needed a real beer. And I was hungry. One glimpse at their (new!) menu and I knew what I had to order: Hop Bollocks and Pizza Fries. Because when you’re already one beer deep, “Pizza Fries” are happening 9 times out of 10.

So what are Pizza Fries, you’re probably wondering right now? Good question! Basically, you’re taking everything on a pepperoni pizza, minus the crust, and putting it onto a plate of hot fries.

Credit: TSM Rochester

Yes, that’s right. This is totally Pizza Poutine. That's the good stuff.

Anyway, Pizza Fries are pretty great beer food. You should try them. Hop Bollocks is a solid IPA, too. The best part is that a plate of Pizza Fries is big enough to take home, and let me tell you, it’s a great feeling to open up the fridge later in the night to discover Bonus Pizza Fries. I almost cried.