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With Valentine's Day upon us this weekend, thoughts are of love and relationships-- and the relationship question that we've all no doubt asked here in Minnesota.

The internet these days is such an important resource, many of us use it as regularly as turning on a light switch. Got a question about something? Hit up the Google, right? Which is what many of us here in the Land of 10,000 (Frozen) Lakes have apparently done, especially regarding our romantic relationships-- relationships that can be fraught with questions.

Thankfully, the crew over at CenturyLinkQuote took a look at the data to find each state’s burning love questions and then used Google search volume to determine which question was asked the most. So what is our Most-Google Relationship Question here in the Bold North?

According to CenturyLinkQuote, it's "Does he like me?" It was also the Most-Google question in four other states, including North Dakota, Maryland, Mississippi, and Georgia. The survey doesn't say, but I'm guessing the same question but asked from a male point of view ("Does she like me?") must also be fairly popular here in Minnesota, as well. (That question was the Most-Googled in New Mexico and West Virginia.)Those questions, while certainly pertinent to ANY relationship, aren't the most-Googled overall, though. The most-Googled question in 20 states has to do with dating apps-- and which ones are the best.

However, there were several other good relationship questions that made the Most-Googled list this year, as well, including "How do you get over a broken heart?" which was the most-Google in my home state of Wisconsin, and "When to say 'I love you,'" which was most-Goggled down in Iowa.

Now, while those questions aren't necessarily burning in my mind this Valentine's Day (thankfully!), trying to line up the perfect romantic evening IS on my mind-- and on my web browser. If it's on your mind (or browser) as well, keep scrolling to check out a list of Rochester's Best Restaurants For Valentine's Day according to Yelp!

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