I am almost sure you have...

Living in Minnesota, we have those things we do that are unique to Minnesota. Looking through this list I found on onlyinyourstate.com, I can believe it. So here are a few experiences that Minnesotans have had.

The 4-Way Stop. They are all over the place in Minnesota, but have you ever had 4 cars stop at a one. Good luck with that.

Leaving your car outside for a few minutes during a Minnesota winter. It is amazing the amount of snow that can fall. Add some wind in the mix, and your car is buried.

When your weather guy tell you it is finally going to be warm, and you run outside in your shorts to find out, not the case. I have done it before. 40 degrees in the winter is a heat wave, to run out and see, nope, still cold.

Getting stuck in the Goodbye. Leaving in Minnesota is hard, you know.

Looking forward to grabbing a few cases of beer on Football Sunday? Wrong, not in Minnesota.

And lastly, Dontcha Know. I have said it too, and I wasn't born in Minnesota.

Have any of these happened to you? If you say no, you must not be from Minnesota. But head on over to onlyinyourstate.com. Check out the list, and see what fits you.