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Since Jessica Williams first wrote about the free Hormel Bacon Scented Coronavirus masks, she and James Rabe were praying they'd get 'em.

Hormel has masks up for grabs that smell like bacon and they are FREE! Yes...F-R-E-E bacon masks during COVID-19.

Enjoy the delicious scent of HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® Bacon wherever you go with HORMEL™ BLACK LABEL™ Breathable Bacon. Using the latest in bacon-smell technology and irresistibly breathable, 2-ply fabric, finally, bacony-bliss can be with you always — even while out in public. -

I'm having the meat sweats over here while I'm reading all about these amazing bacon face masks. Truly, this is genius and whoever came up with this needs a raise. (Keep reading.)

So she and I and about a bajilliondy other bacon lovers signed up for one. And didn't get one. Oh well, we thought. We tried.

Then this morning...THIS happened.

Our DME (Digital Managing Editor) Aaron, surprised us with our own Hormel Bacon Scented Masks!  He did some behind the scenes dealing and boom.  So he surprised us (well, more me than Jessica because she's tricky like that).


They're good!  The scent of bacon isn't overpowering. It's like you're  in your bedroom and you can smell bacon cooking downstairs. As you can see in the video, we were relieved about this. Even a good smell becomes a bad smell when there is too much of it.

So thank you Aaron, thank you Hormel, and thank you bacon!

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