I received this message today from a friend. This is a really important random act of kindness! Can you help?

Hi Danielle, a woman lost her diamond wedding ring (slipped off her finger) while walking her dog around Silver Lake today. It's a family heirloom and she's heartbroken. You are so well-connected I thought I'd give you a heads up in case you hear of a ring being found. I have the woman's name and #. Thanks for all you do! Love following your RAKs!

If you've got time and you're walking around Silver Lake, keep an eye out for a diamond ring. No description of it yet (we're working on it) but I bet there's not a lot of diamond rings at silver lake lying around. Please contact me (Danielle.Teal@townsquaremedia.com) immediately if you locate it and we'll get in touch with the lady.

Update as of 3:00 pm 6/23:

It was in this vicinity on the map





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