There isn't much time left, but the Ear of Corn Water Tower in Rochester is trying to make it all the way to the top.

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The top of what, you might ask? Well, it is in the running to be named Tank of the Year!

Olmsted County Helps Ear of Corn Water Tower Make Big Push

As of now, the Ear of Corn Water Tower is in 5th place, but voting goes on all the way until October 15th at 5 pm so you have some time to get your votes in. Earlier today, the Ear of Corn was in 10th place, and after a small push from the Olmsted County Facebook Page, the Ear of Corn Water Tower is all the way up to #5!

Rochester's corny water town isn't the only Minnesota water town in the running for the #1 spot, either. Moorhead, Minnesota is actually in second place right now, with Minot, North Dakota in third.

Let's pass them, shall we?

The Ear of Corn Water Tower is looking at its best because the tower was recently refurbished. You probably remember this story from back in May when the project started. Our co-worker James Rabe had all the details on why it was refurbished.

The Seneca property is adjacent to the county's Graham Park, which was formerly known as the County Fairgrounds. The land now occupied by the canning plant will be restored to green space pending future development of the property as part of Olmsted Counties plans to "revitalize and transform" Graham Park into more of a regional destination. Read More: Seneca Demolition and Water Tower Restoration Contract Approved

So, let's help the Ear of Corn Tower reach #1! You can vote here. The winner will be announced on October 18th.

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