How much is your car worth?  Mine is my only mode of transportation and is priceless to me.  Would it fetch much at auction?  I'm sure not.


Last week at a car auction in Houston, Texas, a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback sold for a cool $270,000.  Yep, two-hundred-seventy thousand dollars.  What makes this car so special?  This gem was originally sold new at Minar Ford in New Brighton, Minnesota.  It's one of only ninety-five Boss 429s painted in Grabber Green - which is the second rarest color produced in 1970.  It came equipped with 820-A Boss 429 V-8 engine, 4-speed transmission, trunk-mounted battery, Chrome Magnum 500 wheels, Philco AM radio and a few more technical things I sure don't understand.  Apparently it's considered to be one of the most outstanding and unique Mustangs to come off the assembly line.

All that worth $270,000?  To someone it is! Can you imagine what it must cost to insure that vehicle?  Me, I'll stick with my used vehicle.  That way I have no worries about scratches and nicks.